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Merino Care

Merino wool was designed by nature to protect the human body from the environment yet at the same time, be in harmonious unison with it. It has been around for centuries; it's - nature's wonder fibre.
Merino leaves a very light footprint on the planet - it's a renewable resource and involves a natural growth process of converting grass into fibre, in pollution free factories. It's also recyclable and bio-degradable.
Machine wash with a cold or warm wash. Use an eco-friendly liquid wool detergent. Wash prints inside out. Wash dark colours separately. Line dry in shade.
We strongly recommend using a liquid wool detergent to protect the garment and help them last. Regular washing powders often contain whiteners which can cause holes in the garment.
Holes in Merino
Unfortunately clothes moths can cause unwanted holes in our gorgeous merino clothing. One clothes moth can lay up to 200 eggs which then hatch into larvae and feed on the merino fibres.
If you discover you have clothing moths feasting on your clothing follow the steps below to eliminate and prevent them from returning:
  • Dry clean clothing - note that after dry cleaning you may see more holes in your garments as the larvae chew the fibres leaving them weak. Then they snap in the wash creating a hole.
  • Freeze garments - freezing the clothing for 72 hours below -18 degrees Celsius will kill the larvae.
  • Monitor clothing once a year and inspect for holes.
  • Vacuum drawers and cupboards thoroughly.
  • Reduce humidity as insects thrive in a more humid environment.
  • Store clean garments in airtight containers between seasons. Always wash before storing.
  • Try natural remedies to deter the moths; Cedar, Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks, Dried Lavender, Dried Lemon Peel, Dried Orange Peel, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Thyme.