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OMA rāpeti Boot Care

To keep your boots looking their best and to maximise their lifespan:

  • Always remove gumboots by using two hands to slide off feet. OMA rāpeti
    gumboots are made with soft natural rubber and cotton lining. Using your alternate foot to push off the other boot may result in damage to the rubber and lining.
  • Rinse boots after use using a damp cloth. If needed you may use a mild detergent but make sure to rinse off and dry after.
  • Once dry, store your boots in a cool dry space away from artificial heat. Over heating may also result in damage to the rubber and/or lining.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as this will cause the rubber to become dry and brittle, and cracking may occur.

Our gumboots are designed for adventuring which of course will result in wear and tear over time. Different children wear boots out at different rates.